Data in Research – Jamie Pollock

Jamie Pollock - Data Professional

Welcome to the second interview with Leyton’s Research and Development Team! Jamie Pollock discusses how he uses data in his day-to-day job, starting with the segments of industries in which his R&D is involved in. Next, Jamie explains the large data sets, information and assessments that he undertakes when presenting data in graphs. Finally, the key skills that are required to succeed within a data career and how these traits will help STATWARS® participants to succeed in the competition. 

During the Q&A, viewers asked Jamie: What route did you go down to reach your career now?’, ‘Is there another pathway in Leyton that you may want to explore in the future?’ and ‘What 3 things would you change in your life to improve your climate impact?’ 

Join STATWARS® and the STATWARRIOR Jamie Pollock as we explore the importance of data!