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STATWARS®: Climate Change Challenge

When we collect, analyse and contextualise data and information, we gain insight, understanding and the ability to make a difference.

The STATWARS®: Climate Change Challenge vision is to empower and educate pupils to tackle climate change, by providing a project that delivers meaningful and engaging mathematics, numeracy and data literacy to pupils!

We believe the data we collect can inform meaningful research and decision making, with its careful application revolutionising our understanding of how to manage the Climate Change Challenge ahead of us! We need young people to be a part of that journey…

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How does STATWARS®: Climate Change Challenge work?

The STATWARS: Climate Change Challenge asks pupils to use big and small datasets to identify 3 changes they can personally commit to in their daily lives that will lower their individual carbon footprint. Pupils work in small teams and will use their data skills to communicate their commitment to these changes, in the form of a manifesto!

Pupils will:

    • Design and create a data driven infographic poster, which provides key information for how they came to their decision
    • Design and create an advertisement poster/manifesto pledge, which is a creative element where pupils can explore ways of drawing attention to their ideas for change and encourage others to join them on their journey,
    • Produce a 60-sec pitch to support their manifesto and encourage others to join them

In addition, the 3 commitments to change will each be submitted to a national database in order to support climate change research.

The beauty of this project is pupils are given the task of enacting legitimate change to their own actions, whilst encouraging the wider community with a data driven argument to follow their lead!

The competition’s structure encourages pupils to apply mathematics not just creatively, but logically, to research, collect, analyse and present data, whilst drawing on their own personal experiences to support their climate change manifesto. The nature of the project encourages and develops metaskills related to teamwork, leadership, curiosity, empathy, critical thinking and resilience, as teams are asked to consider indeterminate problems and develop data driven hypothesis. Teachers are provided with whole-class differentiated resources, such as lesson plans and curriculum links to support delivery of this 6 week project.

Shortlisted teams will be invited to an awards and exhibition day to talk through their project with the judges.

Data and Climate Change: Did you know?

    • The world is now one degree warmer than it was before widespread industrialisation
    • The 10 warmest years on record have all occurred in the past 20 years
    • In the summer of 2019, almost 400 all-time high temperatures were set in the northern hemisphere
    • We are experiencing more droughts, heat waves and stronger hurricanes!
    • We are not on track to meet global climate change targets, meaning by 2100 the temperature across the planet will increase by at least 3 degrees. Scientists agree that we need to keep temperature rises to below 1.5 degrees in order to avoid severe global effects!
    • Beef, lamb, farmed prawns and chocolate have the biggest carbon footprint of all foodstuffs
    • The EU emits a whopping 3,457 megatonnes (1 megatonne = 1000,000) of CO2 per year, but still less than the US (5,275) and China (11,256)!
    • Almost all (95%) of cities facing extreme climate risks are in Africa or Asia
    • The extent of Arctic sea ice has dropped in recent years. It reached its lowest point on record in 2012

(Source, NASA)

So, get involved and help your pupils make a difference to the world we live in!

STATWARS® is an annual competition that has been developed by Primary Engineer Programmes for The Institution of Primary Engineers® and The Institution of Secondary Engineers®.