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STATWARS® for Secondary Schools

STATWARS is designed to complement the curriculum across the UK and support teachers in preparing pupils for Upper Secondary/Key Stage 4. It lines up with the recently revised Maths curriculum in England and would be a perfect end of year project to encourage students to go and collate their own data, work through their findings and build conclusions from that data.

It links to Science, Computing and English as well as developing rounded life skills with fun and engaging lesson plans that can be adapted to suit your needs. It also provides engagement in career paths from STEM which may not have been obvious.

Both programmes take around 6 hours of teaching time however this can be adapted dependent upon the class and their needs. Each lesson has a fully formed lesson plan you can build from along with all the resources you’ll need in the classroom. Our team will be available to support you every step of the way and will be able to link you with some of the biggest companies in data

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