STAT Wars Launch

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Designed to promote data and digital skills in primary and secondary schools.

Venue: City of Glasgow College.

Date 14th March 2019

„ Competition will be open to Primary, Secondary, College and University students to design a film or TV Series using statistical analysis of available data of successful films or TV Series.

„ The aim of the competition is to provide an entry point for young people to become excited about analyzing, interrogating, and presenting data, meanwhile making them aware of how use data securely, ensuring its veracity and the potential careers this could lead to. Linking the project to people working in the sector will engage the industry and inspire those children and young people involved.

„ Pupils will use data analysis to generate the name, theme, storyline, format, location, combination of actors, advertisement and any other relevant aspects of a film or TV Series to create a sure-fire blockbuster.

EVENT Details:

Working with the BBC and City of Glasgow College the event will see invited school pupils presenting their ideas to judges and awards being presented. The timings of the day are expected to be a 10am start with presentations to be made between 12.30 and 2.30 event closing at 3pm.

„ This competition is designed as a whole class project to enable students to form small teams to explore the importance of data analytics, infographics, the veracity of data, data security, its legal considerations to a creative outcome. Lesson plans are currently available for KS3 /S1,S2, a framework for working with data safely and securely, video interviews with experts will also support the content of the education pack. These resources will also be available in a version suitable for Primary schools to be used as whole class teaching packs.

„ The competition outcomes will require the production of a poster advertisement and report explaining how the data was used to design and influence the movie structure, devise its name, choose the actors, director etc, and include a plot summary. The entry format would be 2 one-sided posters in total, each no bigger than A2, one advertising the movie and one illustrating the data behind the solution in a way that anyone reading it can understand the decisions taken. Whilst the data will provide the foundation to the results the students interpretation of the data to make a final decision is also a vital part of the process.

„ Skills Development Scotland Digital Skills have funded a pilot of the programme with secondary and primary schools. Who will be invite to take part in the launch.

„ The competition will be launched at the BBC during DataFest Glasgow March 2019 and entries will be open until December 2019. Successful outlines will be shortlisted and teams invited to (elevator) pitch to panels and displayed at DataFest Glasgow 2020. Supported by Primary Engineer, BBC, AMS NEVE, CPNI, Data Lab, Scottish Engineering, National Physical Laboratories, Cloch Solicitor, Bad Dinosaur, Dr Jillian Ney and WEIR Group.

„ Each year the competition will conclude in December and the exhibition and awards will be hosted by City of Glasgow College the following March 2020 as part of DataFest20.

„ This project forms part of three Professional Engineering Institutions for children and young adults – the Institution of Primary Engineers®, Institution of Secondary Engineers® and Institution of Tertiary Engineers®. Created, developed and managed by Primary Engineer in response to observations in schools where engineering has provided the focal point for skills, inclusion, creativity, aspiration and attainment. The institutions will be available to schools in 2018/19.