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What is STATWARS®?

The STATWARS® Film and TV and Climate Change Challenge projects empower young people to use data, numeracy and mathematics in a meaningful and engaging manner.

Film and TV asks pupils to use data to decide on a film or TV concept, which if was created, might be successful.

Climate Change Challenge asks pupils to use data to identify 3 things they can change about their everyday life that will reduce their carbon footprint and help fight climate change.

Whilst the specific topics covered in each project are different, the skills developed and requirements are the same.

Pupils will:

    • Develop their understanding of the topic and the importance of data
    • Engage in an interview with a professional to inspire them to find out more
    • Collect and analyse data to help develop ideas and make decisions
    • Engage in research to develop their ideas
    • Create a data driven infographic which highlights the choices they have made
    • Create a poster which will either advertise or persuade others
    • Create a 60 second pitch or showcase of their ideas, using their infographic and poster

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How you can help

We are looking for engaging and passionate professionals to support our pupils for both projects.

You can help us by:

    • Being interviewed by pupils in an online interview to share your experience, skills and insights
    • Creating a short 7-10 minute video/presentation on a data skill, communication skill, environmental insight or Film+TV insight, that people taking part in the projects can use to inform their interrogation, presentation, video pitch and understanding of the data and links to the wider world.
    • Sharing the Climate Change Challenge project with others by recording a short video we can use on social media, introducing who you are, what you do, include the phrase “I know the three things I would change but if you were a STATWARRIOR, what would your three things be?” and end with “STATWARRIORS Unite!”
    • Sharing the Film+TV project with others by recording a short video we can use on social media, introducing who you are, what you do, include the phrase ‘data skills are important in the film and TV industry because…” and end with “STATWARRIORS Unite!”
    • Judging entries and helping us decide who should win!
    • Sharing useful or important data that you have collected or are aware of with us
    • Sharing these projects with other professionals who could also help pupils be successful in this project
    • Post-COVID19, visiting a local school who is engaged with STATWARS®

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